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Recruiting & Hiring

Recruiting & Hiring

Talent Sourcing

Talent Sourcing

Employer Branding

Employer Branding

Company Culture

Company Culture

Organization Design

Organization Design

HR Processes

HR Processes

Learning & Development

Learning & Development



HR Interim

HR Interim

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You choose, we deliver!

Recruiting & Hiring

  • Researching and implementing ATS

  • Setting up communication templates

  • Labor law accuracy check (Flexitime agreement, IP agreement, etc.)

  • Writing job posts for all positions

  • Marketing of open positions across different job boards

  • Optimizing Google4Jobs

  • Screening applications
  • Conducting interviews and shortlisting candidates
  • Obtaining references
  • Creating the onboarding checklist

  • Setting a digital employee portal

  • Establishing an employee referral program

  • Owning and improving candidate's full-experience journey 



Talent Sourcing

  • Defining candidate persona

  • Sourcing talents across different platforms (LinkedIn, XING, GitHub, etc.)

  • Approaching and establishing the first point of contact

  • Conducting interviews

  • Owning a full talent acquisition cycle

  • Addressing passive candidates

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Employer Branding

  • Defining company's EVP (employee value proposition)

  • Determining employee benefits 

  • Extracting touchpoints

  • Creating employer brand content (stories, spotlights, photos, videos, etc.)

  • Branding company's careers (jobs) page 

  • Generating a social media content plan for employer branding purposes

  • Bringing positive employer reviews on Kununu, Glassdoor, etc.


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Company  Culture

  • Identifying and defining the company's values

  • Establishing regular team events (in-person and remote)

  • Increasing employee engagement and interaction

  • Running and analyzing employee (satisfaction) surveys

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Organization Design

  • Defining an organization structure (functional, holacracy, divisional, etc.)

  • Creating an organizational chart with the overview of all teams

  • Structuring teams within the company

  • Constructing titles, roles, responsibilities, and job descriptions​


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HR Processes

Establishing necessary HR processes for companies of all sizes:

  • Introducing HR and Workspace tools

  • Time-tracking, vacation management, payroll preparation, administrative reporting 

  • Recruiting strategy

  • Selection strategy (interviews, tasks, assessment, etc.)

  • Interview guideline, question bank, and competencies list

  • Onboarding checklists and Newcomer's handbook

  • Recruiting and onboarding training for hiring managers/team leads

  • Offboarding checklists (exit interviews, recommendation letters, etc.)

  • Feedback and appraisal manuals

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Learning & Development

  • Establishing regular employee appraisals

  • Forming consistent team and 1-on-1 feedback sessions

  • Setting company's internal web of knowledge

  • Creation of a training catalog (in-house, external, online, offline)

  • Building development plans

  • Offering support for leadership development


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  • Researching and providing employee benefits ideas

  • Building comprehensive benefits plans for different employee groups

  • Forming salary ranges, bands, and job families

  • Calculating benefits budget and yearly salary increases

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HR Interim

Strangers yesterday, allies today? No problem :)

We directly jump into the company and offer temporary support to help you bridge the gaps and tackle pressing challenges. ​​We promise that we will stop the music, take off our headphones, and listen thoroughly to understand the ways we can assist your business! 


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To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace!

- Doug Conant

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